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Jimmy Carpenter Revue is a Big Hit In France!

On Saturday, October 11, The Jimmy Carpenter New Orleans Revue provided 3 sets of music for the 13th Annual MNOP Festival (Musique de Novelle Orleans de Perigueux), in the idyllic area of Perigord, in the Dordogne region. The concert was held in the spectacular venue Le Palio, in neighboring Boulazac, FR, and presented by, Stephane Colin, president.

Musicians from New Orleans, Jimmy Carpenter in mind, delighted the audience."

"A great moment!" Stephane Colin, President MNOP Dordogne Libre, Oct 13, 2014

Produced and arranged by Jimmy Carpenter, with an all star cast, including regular band members, and special guests:

Jimmy Carpenter (Saxophones, guitar, vocals, producer, arranger)

John Gros (keys/vocals); 

John Fohl (guitars/vocals); 

Wayne Maureau (drums),

Eric Vogel (bass). 

Ms. Erica Falls (vocals)

Mr Dale Blade (vocals) 

Antonio Gambrell (New Orleans, trumpet, vocals) 

Tejerizo Sylvain (France, tenor and baritone sax)

Special Guests: 

Benoit Blue Boy (France, harmonica); Herve Fernandez and Roland Dubois (France, guitars)


Attended by approximately 2500 very enthusiastic people, there were 3 sets, in a true "Revue Style", with everyone participating in each set. Truly a fantastic night!!

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