October News

Hello Friends!! Been too long I know...

The summer is winding down here in New Orleans, which means it's only about 90 degrees. October is the nicest month of the year, and I'm busy with all kinds of projects:

About to make a quick trip (Sept 27-Oct3) to Germany and Denmark with Walter Washington, see the calendar for details. The German tour in April was a resounding success, can't wait to go back!

I get to stay home for most of October, except that I'll be returning to The King Biscuit Blues Festival in Helena, Arkansas, on October 9th, with Walter. We did this one right after Katrina, looking forward to returning.

Then comes Voodoo Fest here in City Park, Oct 29-31...always a great time, under the live oaks, some great music. Check it out at www.thevoodooexperience.com. I'll be doing it with Honey Island, Friday; 101 Runners, Saturday; and Walter Washington, Sunday.

More details soon, and I promise to do a better job of keeping up!!

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